ILS stands for Integrated Living Services, a program that provides a monitoring and mentoring service to clients and their networks to ensure yearly goals are pursued. Clients receive support to build relationships with neighbours and community members. Clients are also supported to implement Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) strategies, which help them to meet their personal goals and improve their overall quality of life.

There are many different members of the ILS team, including:

  • CRWs (Community Resource Workers), who "check in" with clients living on their own and help with budgeting and household duties. They also support the client to get to know community resources around them as well as other neighbours.
  • ILPs (Integrated Living Practitioners) provide support in the client's home, helping with budgeting and household duties, community resources and neighbourhood involvement.
  • ILPs may also live with the client in their home or apartment, providing help with budgeting and household duties, assisting the client to get to know resources around them, their neighbours and community.

ILS is a program of the Developmental Disabilities Resource Centre of Calgary (DDRC). At the DDRC, our vision is everyone belongsā„¢ and our mission is to promote awareness and support communities to include persons with developmental disabilities, thereby strengthening communities for all citizens. We have four key values and principles:

  • We value diversity;
  • We believe individuals have a right to explore and fulfil their potential;
  • We recognize the need for accountability and responsibility; and
  • We foster an environment of respect, acceptance, accessibility, and interdependence.

Click here to download the DDRC and ILP Relationship Guidelines.

For more information on ILS, please call us at 403-240-3111.